Domestic Violence and Court Community Engagement: Serving Community Needs Through A Coordinated Response

June 2, 2017

Hon. Susan B. Carbon: Presiding Judge, 9th Circuit-Family Division, Manchester, NH  
Hon. Rosemary Collins: Presiding Judge, Circuit Court Winnebago County, IL  

While the specifics of Coordinated Community Response (CCR) programs vary across communities, the premise is that coordination and integration of the justice system, human services, and advocacy responses to domestic violence should reduce its occurrence. After this webinar, you should be better able to:

  • •  Describe the court’s role in community engagement.
  • •  Apply the principles or techniques used by other jurisdictions that helped to improve and strengthen their community's response.
  • •  Assess the role(s) of the judge in providing leadership in a CCR. 

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