Tools for Planning and Improving Your Juvenile Drug Court's Referral and Acceptance Process

August 3, 2016

All Juvenile Drug Courts (JDCs) need a process for determining how youth will get referred for consideration as participants and which youth will ultimately be accepted into the JDC program. There is no set of right or wrong procedures, decision points, or decision-making professionals for this process. Rather, the process, documentation, and the professionals involved in the decisions may vary from one court to another, depending on resources, personnel, program eligibility criteria, referral sources, and screening and assessment instruments available or in use.
The Referral and Acceptance Process Mapping Exercise Kit assists JDCs with creating a visual depiction of the process. Step-by-step instructions for doing the mapping exercise are included in the kit.
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To request a hard copy version of the entire kit, please contact Margo Weaver at mweaver@ncjfcj.orgLimited copies available.
The Referral and Acceptance Process Mapping Exercise Kit includes the following materials:

The NCJFCJ welcomes feedback from JDC teams using this toolkit. Please email us at Thank you!