Travel Policies

Travel Policies

Extensive travel is required to conduct the business of the NCJFCJ. Members, staff, faculty, consultants, and program participants frequently travel at the expense of the NCJFCJ. It is the policy of the NCJFCJ that such travel is performed as economically as possible and is consistent with NCJFCJ policy and federal guidelines for this purpose. It is also the desire of the NCJFCJ to reimburse fairly those who have legitimate out-of-pocket expenses incurred by traveling on its behalf.

Persons traveling at the NCJFCJ’s expense will limit their expense claims to the period of the NCJFCJ-related meeting. If a participant finds it necessary to arrive at the meeting location the night before the meeting, the NCJFCJ will provide reimbursement for expenses related to that evening’s accommodations. Similarly, if an evening session commences a meeting, expenses will be reimbursed for travel that day.

Travel Policy

Travel Policy - The Basics

Airlines are now collecting additional passenger information as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implements Secure Flight, a program developed to allow for uniform watch list matching by TSA to identify known and suspected terrorists.

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