Diversity Committee Meets at National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law

March 21, 2012

The NCJFCJ Diversity Committee and staff met today in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the Board of Trustees meeting held in conjunction with the National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law.  

During the meeting, the committee reviewed initial results of the Phase 1 diversity survey (member demographics and background) and discussed content for Phase 2 of the survey (member attitudes and beliefs).  Phase 1 of the membership survey remains open (see member e-mail dated Monday, March 19) -- and the Diversity Committee encourages all members to complete the survey so the NCJFCJ can better understand (1) who we serve, and (2) how to better serve the field. If you are a member of NCJFCJ and are attending the National Conference, you also will be able to complete the survey on site at the membership table inside the registration area. We'll see you there!