Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Workshop Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Workshop

September 18, 2011 to September 21, 2011
Baltimore, MD
Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

The three-day, hands-on, highly interactive Enhancing Judicial Skills (EJS) Workshop provides an essential foundation for new and experienced state court judges, tribal court judges and judicial officers to enhance their skills in handling civil and criminal domestic violence cases. Judicial participants will leave the workshop with greater knowledge and skills for handling cases involving domestic violence in a variety of court contexts.

A Judge Participant in this Workshop Will Be Better Able to: 
• Evaluate impact of violence on adult victims and children exposed to violence. 
• Identify the protection and restoration requirements of domestic violence victims. 
• Describe patterns of batterer conduct, assess dangerousness of specific batterers, and impose effective intervention and accountability mechanisms for batterers. 
• Resolve difficult evidentiary issues and apply an understanding of domestic violence to judicial fact-finding. 
• Identify administrative and community barriers to accessing/achieving justice in DV cases 
• Devise methods of overcoming barriers to justice, become motivated to work to remove barriers, and use information regarding available community resources to assist in removing barriers. 
• Recognize and apply ethics rules that govern participation in extrajudicial activities, e.g., domestic violence councils, legislative proposals, local court rulemaking, and education programs of non-judge providers. 
• Define culture and cultural competence, enhance respect for the dynamics of difference, and identify ways in which culture is relevant in the courtroom. 
• Recognize cultural misinformation and avoid assumptions about a person or facts of a situation based on misinformation. 
• Identify and evaluate potential biases that might influence courtroom demeanor or interpretation of facts and making of decisions in DV cases. 
• Identify common decision-making points where understanding DV might affect how you make decisions and what you decide. 
• Draft and issue effective orders that (a) stop violence, (b) protect adult victims & children, (c) require appropriate batterer treatment in criminal and civil DV cases, and (d) facilitate enforcement in DV cases. 
• Assess the impact of domestic violence on cases involving sentencing, custody and visitation issues. 
• Evaluate batterer intervention programming and information regarding appropriate treatment/intervention options. 
• Identify the potential benefits of conducting review hearings (in conjunction w/ probation services) to monitor batterer conduct in DV cases. 

Who is Eligible to Attend? 

Participation in each workshop is limited to 50 judges and judicial officers. All state court judges, tribal court judges and judicial officers are eligible to attend the workshops, but priority will be given to judges from jurisdictions currently receiving OVW Grants. Priority will also be given to OVW-funded jurisdictions that send more than one judge. The program is offered free of charge. All participants are responsible for their own travel and per diem costs. Some courts might cover their judges' travel and per diem costs.

How do You Apply to Attend? 

To apply for participation in a workshop, please complete, sign, and return the application form in the brochure. Participation is limited to 50 judges and judicial officers. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis subject to the eligibility guidelines outlined above. Please contact the registrar, Jenny Talancon, at (775) 784-1662.