Evaluating and Assuring the Effective and Safe Use of Psychotropic Medications in Children

June 24, 2016

PresentersJudge Constance Cohen (Ret.); Janie Huddleston, Director, QIC-CT; Dr. Kristopher Kaliebe, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC); and Dr. Joy Osofsky, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, LSUHSC
The NCJFCJ hosted this webinar in partnership with ZERO TO THREE's Quality Improvement Center for Research-Based Infant-Toddler Court Teams to assist judicial officers in assessing the use of psychotropic medications in young children involved in the juvenile court foster care system. The webinar is designed to help participants: understand how professionals utilize existing resources in diagnosing and prescribing, describe a continuum of care for children, analyze one state's strategies to reduce the frequency of psychotropic drugs among young children, and begin to develop a strategy to evaluate and assure the effective and safe use of psychotropic drugs.