NCJFCJ's Implementation Sites Project: All-Sites

The inaugural Implementation Sites All-Sites Conference was held March 18-20, 2015 on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. The Conference brought together eight diverse and dynamic court collaborative teams from across the country for intensive training on the Enhanced Resource Guidelines, judicial leadership, and promising practice models for dependency courts pioneered by the NCJFCJ Mentor Model Courts.
The NCJFCJ welcomed three distinguished judicial faculty members to facilitate the All Sites Conference: Judge Stephen Rubin (Ret.) from Arizona, NCJFCJ President-Elect Judge Darlene Byrne from Texas, and Judge Deborah Schumacher (Ret.) from Nevada. Each of these judicial faculty members has been a Model Court Lead Judge through the NCJFCJ’s Model Court Project; representing a combined 35 years of experience in court systems reform.
All eight Implementation Sites courts were represented by the Lead Judge and a select team of stakeholders: Judge Joyce Williams Warren from Little Rock, Arkansas; Judge Anita L. Kelly from Montgomery, Alabama; Judge Wade Naramore from Hot Springs, Arkansas; Judge Mark Ireland from St. Paul, Minnesota; Judge Kim B. Clark from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Judge Doris L. Fransein from Tulsa, Oklahoma; Judge Carlos Villalon, Jr. from Edinburg, Texas; and Judge Dan Michael from Memphis, Tennessee.  
The Lead Judges Meeting was held on March 18 and focused on the NCJFCJ’s Judicial Leadership Curriculum. A panel of Mentor Model Court Lead Judges provided perspective in leading systems reform efforts and shared their experiences in working with court team collaboratives.  The All-Sites Conference was held on March 19 and 20 and introduced the Lead Judges and their stakeholders to the Enhanced Resource Guidelines; which includes updated recommended best practices for dependency courts, federal statutory updates, and trauma-informed approaches to dependency court practice. The conference concluded with a panel of expert judicial faculty, who provided practical pointers in implementing best practices in court systems. 
The Implementation Sites Lead Judges Meeting and All Sites Conference was a resounding success as it brought together the Sites to learn about systems reform efforts, promising practices and allowed time for each team to create a tailored action plan to assist them in improving their system to better serve children and families in their local jurisdictions. 

March 18, 2015

Implementation Sites Project: Lead Judges Meeting
Reno, Nevada | University of Nevada, Reno


March 19, 2015 to March 20, 2015

Implementation Sites Project: All-Sites Conference
Reno, Nevada | University of Nevada, Reno




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