JDTC Learning Collaborative ~ Selection Criteria

The NCJFCJ will select juvenile drug treatment courts based on multiple criteria:
  • Length of operation (two or more years of operation)
  • Longevity of the judge
  • Readiness for change (i.e., basic JDTC structure is in place, court is ready to implement enhancements)
  • Ability to self-assess and evaluate processes
  • Evidence-based practices in place
  • Ancillary services in place
  • Region or location (i.e., a mix of rural, urban, and suburban courts)
  • Number of core team members
  • Basic JDTC structure (i.e., phase structure)
  • Current data provided (i.e., graduation rate; current capacity; and termination rate)
Selected courts will have a balanced mix of core functioning elements, be diverse in nature, and be able to take on multiple project responsibilities.