JDTC Learning Collaborative ~ Staff & Faculty

The JDTC Learning Collaborative sites will be able to work with expert faculty and staff to assess and build evidence-based practices of their programs. Sites can expect to receive individualized training and technical assistance throughout the project period from experts in trauma-informed care, adolescent development, mental health, etc. Below is a list of lead faculty and staff which sites will be working very closely with: 

Project Faculty

Evan Elkin

Mr. Elkin will conduct risk/need assessments, as well as provide training and technical assistance. 


Lloyd Goldsamt, Ph.D.

Dr. Goldsamt will work directly with the sites develop evaluation goals and to train on performance measures and data collection. In addition, Dr. Goldsamt will conduct the process evaluation. 


Jessica Pearce

Ms. Pearce will coordinate the online training series, the All-Sites training, as well as facilitate the contract process with selected EBP modalities.              



Wendy Schiller

Ms. Schiller will coordinate self-assessments, the strategic planning process, all site-visits, as well as assist sites with any technical assistance needs.        



Jacque van Wormer, Ph.D.

Dr. van Wormer will work with the sites to develop measurable goals, as well as provide training and technical assistance.