NCJFCJ 80th Annual Conference Highlight: Court Security

June 8, 2017

Washoe County Judge Chuck Weller
Court security continues to be an important issue that many communities take for granted until the unthinkable happens. Most often we believe a test of court security will happen during a criminal case. However, far too often the unpredictable and emotionally charged family court cases are those that require a new examination of security.

On June 12, 2006, the unthinkable happened in Reno, Nevada. A litigant in a divorce case was angry over the child and spousal support ordered in his case. He went to his wife’s home and murdered her and then went to a building across from the courthouse and shot the family court judge as he stood in his chambers.

This session, one of the highlights on Tuesday, July 18 at the NCJFCJ's 80th Annual Conference, will give participants a brief overview of the case; the lessons learned by Washoe County Judge Chuck Weller after he was shot while writing his Doctoral Thesis, Statutory Response to Court Security Concerns; and the process the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office undertook to examine their response to the shooting.

Additionally, the session includes the expertise of Captain Patrick Lee of Washoe County Sheriff's Office and moderated by former Washoe County court administrator and current NCJFCJ chief executive officer, Joey Orduna Hastings.

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