NCJFCJ Observes National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October

September 30, 2013

This October marks the second annual observance of the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. The NCJFCJ recognizes the growing concern of alcohol and drug use and/or abuse in America for adolescent youth and commends the efforts of those involved in substance abuse prevention programs. The NCJFCJ pursues the goal of reducing substance abuse, especially among youth, through training and technical assistance efforts geared toward juvenile drug court judges and other juvenile justice professionals. During the month of October, the NCJFCJ will post a substance use/abuse fact per day on our social media outlets. Some of the facts are linked to the previous day’s fact so be sure to check status updates and posts on a daily basis!

Substance abuse includes underage drinking, illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, and over-the-counter drug abuse. It affects over 20 million Americans and contributes to over $400 billion dollars in crime, healthcare, and lost productivity costs (National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2011). Substance abuse has been significantly related to violent crime, fatal automobile accidents, fatal-injury accidents, and suicides. Addressing and/or preventing substance use and abuse may prevent many of the negative outcomes related to the issue.

In 2012, President Obama announced the official observance of October as the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month (see the Presidential Proclamation here).  Each October, Americans recognize the struggles that individuals go through with substance abuse and celebrate the triumphs of those individuals who have overcome addictions or have stifled substance abuse before it worsened. Substance abuse programs around the country, including adult and juvenile drug courts, community treatment programs, school-based treatment programs, and anti-drug and substance abuse coalitions have united their efforts to keep America healthier and safer.  

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has put together a list of prevention resources for both coalitions/organizations and individuals (click here to view the lists) to help provide opportunities to get involved in substance abuse prevention. Whether helping local organizations or donating to national organizations, everyone can help prevent substance abuse and make America a healthier and safer place to live. For example, The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) states that every $1 invested in evidence-based treatment programs for substance abuse can help reduce the costs related to substance abuse by $18. ONDCP is participating in National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, as well - check out this Video from the ONDCP Director, Gil Kerlikowske

In addition, October 23-31 is Red Ribbon week, which is a week long campaign against drugs for elementary through high school students (click here for more information). 


For more information about the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, please visit:

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