NCJFL Session Sneak Peek - Beyond Implicit Bias: Exploring the Sometime Wacky World of Human Behavior and Cognition

March 8, 2012

Human beings tend to overestimate their ability to see and remember things accurately, and underestimate their susceptibility to conforming to authority and group norms.  Coupled with numerous types of bias -- many of which operate outside of our awareness --  human beings simply might not be as in charge of their behavior and decisions as they think.  Perception, memory, social influence, and bias all play a critical component in legally-relevant issues such as the accuracy of eye-witness testimony, false confessions, and sentencing.  Please join Shawn C. Marsh, Ph.D. for the March 23rd (Friday) opening plenary at the National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law in Las Vegas, Nevada entitled "Out of Sight, Out of Mind -- Or is it the Other Way Around?".  Dr. Marsh will provide a whirlwind and visually intensive tour of cognitive and social psychology, and how it (perhaps surprisingly) applies to your life and work.

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