Child Abuse and Neglect Research

Research Activities

Over the last several years in child welfare, it has become evident that there is a growing need for empirically-based research and evaluation focused on systems’ change and reform efforts underway in child protection courts. With the current funding climate and the national focus on outcomes and impact of systems’ change on children and families, the need for research has become even more critical. As a result, the NCJFCJ has built the capacity to conduct research and provide evaluation technical assistance for juvenile and family courts across the nation.

These research and evaluation efforts have resulted in the publication of articles, reports and technical assistance briefs that present findings on the issue of disproportionality in foster care, the efficacies of various court improvements, and the challenges facing courts in terms judicial workload. These publications can be found in the Resource Library.

One page Research Snapshots of many of these publications can be found here