A Productive Site Visit with Learning Collaborative Faculty

Written by Melanie Meadows, Administrator, Chesterfield County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Team (VA) 

We were fortunate to host Lloyd Goldsamt and Doug Thomas on a site visit to our court. Our primary goal for this visit was to review program processes and complete our revisions of the phase structure to ensure alignment with the Stages of Change Model. During the visit, Doug and Lloyd not only reviewed our program-related data, but they took us through a discussion process that forced us to revisit our program and treatment philosophy individually and as a team. This was crucial because in the end we wanted to ensure that our phases more evenly matched our philosophy and steps toward change. We did not want to make changes just because we were being told it is important to make them. Instead, we wanted the changes to make sense to us and to make sure that each team member understood why we do what we do. After all, this would impact not only our phase system, but the type of client we target, assessment, as well as our response to both compliant and noncompliant behaviors.
After a day and a half of a tremendous amount of discussion, brainstorming, data review, and a lot of snacks (!!), we felt comfortable that we were close to a finished product. Lloyd and Doug left us promising that they would review our final drafts of work and provide feedback. They were true to their word, and we are now ready to begin implementing the new phase system and program changes. We could not have gotten to this place without the assistance of the NCJFCJ. Everyone has been so responsive and willing to assist us as we work through the challenges of program change. We are grateful for the support and truly believe that our program and our team are both stronger as a result.
If you are interested in reviewing a copy of Chesterfield County’s new phase structure, contact Eloisa Chaparro at echaparro@ncjfcj.org. 
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