Targeted On-Site Technical Assistance (TA)

On-site TA provides courts with a hands-on approach to receiving information or training to address challenges that the courts may be facing.

On-site visits are generally a two-day process beginning with court observations and interviews conducted with team members by an expert consultant or staff member and finished with an all-day facilitated strategic planning meeting, which is an intensive work session for the team.

During this strategic planning meeting, the team can focus on challenges and develop a plan of action to implement strategies to improve court function and outcomes. Below is a typical on-site TA agenda:

Day One:

  • Team member interviews (conducted by facilitator)
  • Pre-court staffing observation
  • Court session observation

Day Two:

  • An all-day (9:00 - 4:30 p.m.) facilitated strategic planning meeting for operational team members - This usually takes place off-site and is secured by the jurisdiction receiving TA. 

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From 2014 to 2016, NCJFCJ trainers made on-site TA visits to 20 JDTCs across the country. Popular training topics for these site visits included: 

  • Screening, referral, and acceptance processes
  • Research on effective practices (including evidence-based practices) 
  • Targeted population and eligibility criteria
  • Adolescent Development

Teams receiving site visits developed Action Plans on the following items: 

  • Targeting population, eligibility criteria, and screening, referral, and acceptance
  • Incentives and sanctions
  • Team composition
  • Family Engagement

Click here to download the NCJFCJ JDTC On-Site TA Overview for 2014-2016. The overview provides information on the geographical representation of jurisdictions receiving on-site TA, retreat attendance, retreat topics and action plans. 

For additional assistance, contact Dr. Martha-Elin Blomquist at or by phone at (775) 507-4804.