Technical Assistance

The NCJFCJ makes technical assistance available to juvenile and family courts in need of resources or expert advice to improve court outcomes. Technical assistance (TA) can be a cost-efficient way to disseminate a large amount of information to a vast number of jurisdictions.

Through its individualized TA responses, the NCJFCJ provides jurisdictions with information and training. The NCJFCJ technical assistance also provides court professionals with the skills and resources to assess their own program, evaluate its impact and generate support from their communities for court initiatives.

After years of answering juvenile justice-related questions for judges and others, the NCJFCJ has become the “go-to” place for court professionals needing help with program development, referrals, training and assessment.

To request technical assistance in a specific area, please visit the topic links on the left and find the "Request technical assistance" link.