Archived Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Newsletter Issues


February - Engaging your youth in pro-social activities featuring guests Judge Elisa Deano, Hancock County Youth Court (MS) and Melanie Meadows, Administrator, Chesterfield County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court (VA) 

March - Calling juvenile drug court, juvenile treatment court clarifying your courts name featuring guests Josh Bohman and Tricia Lucido, Montgomery County Juvenile Drug Treatment (OH)

April How to collect and analyze your phase level data featuring guest Rosie Medina, Director of Special Programs, El Paso County Juvenile Probation (TX)

June A Look Behind the Probation Process: What You and Your Team Can Follow and Learn What Works featuring guests Barry Rast, Probation Officer, Knox County Juvenile Recover Court in Knoxville (TN) and James Klein, Juvenile Court Probation Officer, 2nd Judicial District, Albuquerque (NM) 

July Training as a Team featuring guest Derek Sumida, Probation Officer, Juvenile Drug Court (HI)

August A Newsletter Takeover: American University is working with NCJFCJ to breakdown the OJJDP Guidelines

September Communication is Key in this Guideline, Newsletter Takeover: American University is working with NCJFCJ to breakdown the OJJDP Guidelines

October Why We Love Training and Techncial Assistance (TTA), Newsletter Takeover: American University is working with NCJFCJ to breakdown the OJJDP Guidelines



January - How to maintain and sustain a mentoring program featuring guest Tricia Lucido, Project Director for Reclaiming Futures in Dayton, OH

February - Recommended practices for creating a policies and procedures manual

March - How to make data-driven decisions in your juvenile drug court

April - Addressing truancy

June - Sobriety days and juvenile drug court phase requirements featuring guest Robert Schwebel, Ph.D., Seven Challenges, LLC 

July - Screening specific to co-occurring disorders

August - Enforcement of court orders versus effective case management

September - Treatment providers on juvenile drug court teams

October - Engaging parents and caregivers

November - New to the juvenile drug court team

December - End of year edition



January - Implementing a mentoring program for juvenile drug court

February - Effectively managing and sustaining a juvenile drug court team

March - How to identify an evidence-based adolescent substance abuse treatment in a juvenile drug court

April - Creating consistency when multiple screening and assessments are being used

May - Using sanctions to change behavior

June - How to serve and provide services for LGBTQI youth

July - Incorporating procedures to transition team members on and off the team

August - Identifying a school representative for your team

September - The role of the juvenile drug court judge featuring guest Honorable Anthony Capizzi, Montgomery County Juvenile Drug Court in Dayton, OH

October - Building a continuum of care in your jurisdiction

November - Using sober support groups for juvenile drug court youth

December - End of year edition



September - Adult drug courts versus juvenile drug court - what does the research say?

August - Engaging parents

October - National Substance Abuse Prevention Month Feature

November - Target and eligibility criteria

December - Drug testing recommended practice



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