Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP.org) released the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines (Guidelines) in December 2016. The Guidelines, which are research-based, represent the next evolution of juvenile drug treatment courts (JDTCs) and will be a vital tool for these courts now and in the future. The NCJFCJ worked closely with OJJDP and the American Institutes Research (AIR.org) to help develop the Guidelines by providing an important historical perspective, as well as the view point from the field as the current national technical assistance providers for JDTCs. 

The NCJFCJ's JDTC Information Center is pleased to introduce and improve practice for professionals focusing on strengthening the ability to offer quality, evidence-based adolescent services within a team framework. Click on the links below to learn about how you can take your JDTC team from current practice to recommended practice and begin implementing the Guidelines.  


Focus the JDTC philosophy and practice on effectively addressing substance use and criminogenic needs to decrease future offending and substance use and to increase positive outcomes. 
Click here to learn about additional resources. 

Ensure equitable treatment for all youth by adhering to eligibility criteria and conducting an initial screening. Click here to learn about additional resources.


Provide a JDTC process that engages the full JDTC team and follows procedures fairly. Click here to learn about additional resources. 


Conduct comprehensive needs assessments that inform individualized case management. Click here to learn about additional resources.  


Implement contingency management, case management, and community supervision strategies effectively. Click here to learn about additional resources.  


Refer participants to evidence-based substance use treatment, to other services, and for prosocial connections. Click here to learn about additional resources. 


Monitor and track program completion and termination. Click here to learn about additional resources. 



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