Military Families

Many overseas conflicts in the last decade have placed substantial stressors on members of our Armed Services and their families. Multiple, extended deployments are common and create challenges to family stability and reintegration for those in the military. Juvenile and family courts often deal with the outcomes associated with these stressors and challenges in the form of cases involving domestic violence, abuse and neglect, custody, and child support. In hearing these cases, juvenile and family courts might be faced with navigating both civilian and military systems, as well as having to appropriately consider factors such as the neurobiological consequences of combat.

The NCJFCJ, guided by the Military Issues Committee and a 2011 resolution by our Board of Trustees, is committed to developing and providing resources for judges and other court professionals to effectively navigate and address the unique issues facing members of our military and their families that touch the courts.

March 2015 - The NCJFCJ hosted the National Summit on Courts and the Military, which brought together more than 100 judicial officers and military personnel to discuss how to better serve military-connected families around the country. A final report summary of the Summit will be coming soon.

NCJFCJ Site Manager Carlene Gonzalez, Ph.D.'s article Juvenile and Family Courts: How to Best Serve Military-Connected Families was published in the National Military Family Association's blog, Branching Out. Click here to read the article.