Essential areas of expertise provided by the NCJFCJ include research & evaluation (R&E) services, training, and technical assistance related to four key areas:

o    Assessment of current data capabilities and recommendations for improving the system (capacity building); identification of capability for performance measurement output; and identification of current data that could be used for secondary data analysis.

o    Strategic planning including help to identify process and outcome measures related to practices/programs; help stakeholders to design and implement an evaluation; data collection strategies and TA on how to conduct research, including how to establish baseline assessments.

o    Developing Research Partnerships to assist your site with identifying potential partners; establishing partnerships with University or other partners (including assistance or oversight during the project); and training to on-site stakeholders/partners regarding data collection.

o    NCJFCJ R&E has a strong history in research that can be mined for assistance to a site in design, planning, and implementation of research projects as well as in conducting a full research project on-site. To collect and analyze data, the NCJFCJ has developed detailed program evaluation assistance including instrument development, feedback on proposed instruments, and development of new instruments per a site’s needs.

In addition to oversight and training on data collection, and the conduct of program evaluation, all or part of the following can be developed:design, data collection, data analysis, and findings reporting.  Finally, assistance with assessment of the current level of best practice implementation by conducting court observation, case file review, etc., and report of findings is available. Expertise can also be provided regarding data analysis with current (or collected data) on disproportionality; performance measurement; best practices; timeliness of case processing; and other measures.