Mother holding child

Tribal Work and ICWA

Tribal courts are unique and parallel systems of justice. The NCJFCJ has made a commitment to meaningful and ongoing collaboration with tribes, approaching its work from a place of honor, respect, and mutual learning. The NCJFCJ is engaging tribal courts and judges in cultural humility with an understanding that best practices in tribal courts may be different than state courts and diverse perspectives strengthen solutions.

Partnering with tribal courts and judges as allies is essential to meet the needs of all children and families served by the state courts and tribal courts. The National Council recognizes the children and families are best served within the contexts of their community and honors the relationship that tribal courts have within their tribes. The voice of tribal court judges is a necessary component in NCJFCJ’s commitment to diversity and equal justice. The resources in this section reflect the collaborative spirit that NCJFCJ is striving to embrace.