Practice and Decision-Making in Custody Cases Involving Domestic Violence

September 29, 2015

Some recent research has particular significance for domestic violence victims involved in litigation, especially in family court and custody cases. The first webinar in this series focuses on an extensive 2013 research study examining the experiences of self-represented litigants, with particular emphasis on the research’s implications for domestic violence victims. The second webinar discusses recent research on factors related to decision-making in custody cases involving domestic violence, as well as emerging themes across jurisdictions, with discussion of how this research can inform efforts to ensure safety and improve outcomes for victims and their children.
Part 2:  Tuesday, September 29, 2015  (90 minutes) 
Presented by Alicia Summers, Ph.D., National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), and Darren Mitchell, JD, Independent Consultant with NCJFCJ.

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