Juvenile Justice

2020 Institute for New Juvenile and Family Court Judges

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The Institute for New Juvenile and Family Court Judges is designed specifically for state and tribal judicial officers who are new to the juvenile and family court bench or who are returning to the bench after other assignments and desire a refresher course.

Nevada District Court, Family Division Assessment Released

The Supreme Court of Nevada has announced the release of the final report for the Nevada District Court, Family Division Assessment.

The Disturbing Connection Between Foster Care and Domestic Child Sex Trafficking


National Judicial Institute on Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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83rd Annual Conference

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2020 National Conference on Juvenile Justice

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The NCJFCJ Releases Resolution Regarding Animal Cruelty and Its Link to Violence

Animal Cruelty Issues Cover

Ensuring Young People Are Not Criminalized for Poverty: Bails, Fees, Fines, Costs, and Restitution in Juvenile Court

In partnership with the National Juvenile Defender Center, the NCJFCJ has released this information card for judges in juvenile courts. Judges are uniquely positioned to eliminate the harms and hardships caused by the imposition of bail, fees, fines, costs, and restitution orders in court. This bench card illustrates some of the detrimental impacts of financial assessments and obligations upon youth and their families, and provides guidance for judges on how to exercise their discretion to alleviate harm and support youth on pathways to success.