Specialized Family Violence Information Packets
May 1, 2010
The Family Violence Department has developed five specialized family violence information packets on child protection and child custody issues in the context of domestic and family violence.  A description of each packet and its table of contents are listed below.  If you wish to order a packet, please contact our Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody at (800) 527-...More
Civil Protection Orders: A Guide for Improving Practice
January 1, 2010
This publication is known as the CPO Guide. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, in partnership with the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women developed the CPO Guide as a tool designed to support the work of professionals dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the civil protection order process. It provides guidance for advocates, attorneys, judges, law...More
Reasonable Efforts Checklist for Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence
December 1, 2008
Domestic violence in dependency cases often goes unrecognized and unaddressed. This checklist includes easy reference bench cards for judges to consult during removal, adjudication, disposition, review, permanency, and termination hearings involving domestic violence. It is designed to aid judges in making reasonable efforts findings that are required by federal law in dependency cases involving...More
A Judicial Guide to Child Safety in Custody Cases
January 1, 2008
Because custody cases involving abuse have intermingled issues of safety and access, judges require effective and accessible information and tools to aid their decision-making. The Judicial Guide contains 14 bench cards which provide an easy-to-use checklist system for judges at critical decision-making points throughout the case, as well as a supplemental guide which provides additional...More
Navigating Custody and Visitation
January 1, 2006
As the volume of cases involving custody, parent access, and domestic violence continues to rise, judges are relying on professional custody evaluators to inform their decisions more than ever before. This Navigating Guide is designed to serve as a practical tool for judges on how to interpret and act on professional child custody evaluations when domestic violence is involved in family law cases...More
A Guide for Effective Issuance & Enforcement of Protection Orders
January 1, 2005
This publication, also known as the Burgundy Book, preceded Civil Protection Orders: A Guide for Improving Practice (2010). The Burgundy Book is available upon request, for historical purposes only. It is only available by calling the Resource Center at 1-800-527-3223. More
Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice, by Susan Schechter and Jeffrey L. Edleson, PhD
February 6, 1999
This publication, also known as the Greenbook, is the official policy of the NCJFCJ and sets forth principles and recommendations for improving the policies and practices of child protection services, domestic violence services, and juvenile courts. The five chapters contained in the Greenbook (Guiding Framework, Foundation Principles and Recommendations, Child Protection System, Domestic...More
Managing Your Divorce: A Guide for Battered Women
January 1, 1998
This guide is intended to be used by battered women who are representing themselves, without an attorney, in court cases involving child custody. It includes chapters on finding an attorney, financial considerations, custody and divorce mediation, gathering evidence for trial, unsupervised visitation and safety planning, tips for dealing with custody evaluators, guidelines for selecting an expert...More
Model Code on Domestic and Family Violence
January 1, 1994
The Model Code was drafted by a multidisciplinary Advisory Committee comprised of judges, battered women's advocates, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other professionals. The five chapters of the Model Code  include General Provisions, Criminal Penalties and Procedures, Civil Orders for Protection, Family and Children, and Prevention and Treatment. Commentary written by Barbara J. Hart,...More
Family Violence: Improving Court Practice
January 1, 1990
Sets forth recommendations, which the NCJFCJ adopted as official policy, for improving court practices in family violence cases and details the policies and procedures necessary to create and maintain an effective court, agency and community response to family violence. In addition to recommendations for criminal and civil courts, there are policy recommendations for court-related agencies,...More