Graduated Sanctions for Juvenile Offenders: A Training Curriculum Guide - Vol. One
September 1, 2003
A series of seven modules, this curriculum will help deliver training to juvenile justice professionals and additional stakeholders to implement a graduated sanction program within the framework of a juvenile court system. Participants will be prepared to return to their communities ready to achieve the goals outlined in the curriculum (e.g., reallocate community resources, serve special needs...More
Graduated Sanctions for Juvenile Offenders: A Program Model and Planning Guide - Vol. One
March 1, 2003
Intended to be used in conjunction with the Juvenile Offenders: A Training Curriculum Guide - Volume One, this volume is comprised of three sections: Introduction and Background, Preferred Practices in Graduated Sanctions, and Program Development and Implementation. The contents include sections on programming for special needs populations, a model structured decision making instrument for...More
Monograph One: Program Development and Future Initiatives
March 1, 2003
The Monograph describes lessons learned from the Juvenile Sanctions Center’s initial months of implementation and operation. It details the approach and offers guidelines and recommendations to the field of juvenile justice for jurisdictions considering replication of the Juvenile Sanctions Center’s process in establishing a continuum of care for juvenile offenders in a graduated sanctioning...More
Questions Every Judge and Lawyer Should Ask About Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare System
December 1, 2002
Increasing numbers of infants and young children with complicated and serious physical, mental health, and developmental problems are being placed in foster care. This Technical Assistance Brief, published by the NCJFCJ, contains checklists that have been developed for use by judges, attorneys, child advocates, and other child welfare professionals in meeting the wide range of health care needs...More
Reconnecting: The Role of the Juvenile Court in Reentry
January 1, 2002
A guide to planning, implementing and operating a juvenile court to manage the reintegration into the community of juveniles who have undergone court-ordered out-of-home placement. (2005), JJ-05, $7.00, hard copy.   More