The Role of the School Resource Officer in Schools

August 26, 2016
School-Justice Partnership
Webinar panelist will discuss the interrelated responsibilities between law enforcement agencies and school administrators to ensure appropriate placement of school resource officers (SROs). Participants will learn how SROs should be properly utilized to resolve school based incidents and conflicts. Presenters will discuss: 
  • The importance of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between schools and police departments to establish roles and responsibilities
  •  SRO selection and training and the impact on the quality of student interactions
  •  The roles of SROs in reducing school pathways into the juvenile justice system
  • Mark Bedell, Superintendent, Kansas City Public Schools
  • Mo Canady, Executive Director, National Association of School Resource Officers
  • Moses Robinson, School Resource Officer, Rochester City (NY) School District

Click here for the webinar including additonal materials