Using Data in Domestic Violence Work

July 21, 2015

This webinar provides two distinct examples of how evidence is gathered and used: the first in the area of domestic violence and child custody and the second in the area of domestic violence and child protection. The first part of the webinar will discuss work at the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, specifically with the Legal Assistance to Victims Program. The webinar will highlight the project and discuss types of data available and how these data are used. The webinar will also discuss the technical assistance received from the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody, including the baseline data that were collected and how that information was helpful in informing future work.

The second part of the webinar focuses on changes in West Virginia to policy and practice related to child protection cases. The new policies and practices will be discussed, along with challenges in implementing these into practice. Discussion will focus on the types of data used, the collaborative data and evaluation process that West Virginia is engaged in, as well as on data used to assess the effectiveness of these efforts. The presenters offer diverse perspectives on domestic violence programs and practices, including the usefulness and challenges of gathering evidence of effectiveness of the work.

Presented by: Nancy Grigsby, M.A., Legal Assistance Program Director, Ohio Domestic Violence Network and Joyce Yedlosky, Protective Services Coordinator, West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence