What Judges Need to Know About Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community

June 1, 2016
Transgender survivors of domestic violence are among the most vulnerable litigants a judge can encounter. The rate of transgender individuals reporting lifetime suicide attempts is four times the national average, and can be as high as 65% by transgender victims who are abused by a family member. Elevated vulnerability factors for trans populations have been measured in nearly every available category, including poverty, barriers to health-care, discrimination, harassment, sexual assault and bias in law enforcement response. In fact, transgender survivors are almost twice as likely to face threats and intimidation based on their identity when in an abusive relationship.
Join Judge Victoria Kolakowski of Alameda County Superior Court and President of the International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Judges, and Judge Elizabeth Berns (King County Superior Court) for this cutting-edge webinar addressing judicial response to domestic violence in the transgender community. Participants will explore the dynamics of domestic violence in transgender relationships, transgender culture, tactics of control, and effective judicial response to trans survivors.

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