NCJFCJ Observes May as National Drug Court Month

May 8, 2019

National Drug Court Month #DrugCourtMonth

May is National Drug Court Month! The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) celebrates the success of adult drug courts, juvenile drug treatment courts, family dependency treatment courts, tribal healing to wellness courts, DWI courts, and veterans’ treatment courts across the U.S. 

Juvenile drug treatment courts (JDTCs) in particular serve a critical role in helping youth address, and ultimately overcome, concurrent substance use and delinquent behaviors. Comprehensive interventions for juvenile substance use are important because early substance use is a risk factor for justice system involvement and lifelong addiction issues. The NCJFCJ is proud to be one of the providers for training and technical assistance to JDTCs nationwide, providing support to these vital programs as they undertake the work to help youth transform their lives.

This year marks the celebration of 30 years for treatment courts! In observance of National Drug Court Month, organized by the National Association for Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) each year, the NCJFCJ will be highlighting an update to its publication Practical Tips to Help Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Teams Implement the JDTC Guidelines (Tips). The Tips, originally published in 2014, provide in-practice steps to implementing JDTCs. The update to the Tips reflect the changes in JDTC practice with the publication of the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines (Guidelines). The Tips feature case studies with solution-focused Tips to help team members improve individual effectiveness, build on the JDTCs’ existing knowledge, and encourage the implementation of successful change. In line with the Guidelines, the Tips work toward achieving reduced substance use and healthy adolescent development. 

The NCJFCJ would like to thank the original authors of the Tips: Margaret L. Borg, Dr. Sherrie Foster, Susan James-Andrews, Joseph Thomas III, Darryl Turpin, Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer, and Dr. Logan Yelderman. 

The NCJFCJ would also like to thank the team that completed the 2019 update of the Tips: 

  •  Martha-Elin Blomquist, Ph.D., Senior Site Manager, NCJFCJ
  •  Eloisa Chaparro, Senior Program Specialist, NCJFCJ
  •  Jessica Pearce, Senior Site Manager, NCJFCJ
  •  Wendy Schiller, Senior Site Manager, NCJFCJ
  •  Moriah Taylor, Research Assistant, National Center for Juvenile Justice
  •  David Wohler, Senior Program Services Manager, NCJFCJ

For more information about National Drug Court Month, please click on the following links: 

JDTC professionals and teams are encouraged to download the National Drug Court Month kit, which includes instructions and samples for courts to contact their state’s senators and representatives and invite them to attend graduation ceremonies. Additionally, treatment court communities can spread the word through NADCP’s media kit to share the importance of future funding for treatment courts across the nation. 

Stay tuned to hear from the NCJFCJ’s Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Information Center team. Throughout the month of May, the NCJFCJ will publish blog posts and other resources to recognize National Drug Court Month. 



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