Pre-Conference Workshop: Working with Adolescents with Substance Abuse Issues

July 13, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
Palmer House a Hilton Hotel

Many of the youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system, particularly those that recidivate, have both delinquent and substance-abusing behavior. Dealing with these issues concurrently is a challenging task that requires highly coordinated psycho-socio-legal responses that are developmentally appropriate and evidence-based including adolescent substance abuse treatment, screening, and assessment that identify and address a youth’s substance abuse treatment needs as well as underlying issues such as mental health and trauma. This workshop, taking place in conjunction with our 77th Annual Conference, will explore the interplay between delinquency, substance abuse, mental health, and trauma in juvenile court-involved youth. Strategies for dealing with these young people, including research on evidence-based practices will be shared. 

This workshop is designed for professionals working with juvenile justice involved youth who also have mental health, substance abuse, or trauma issues. Juvenile court judges, juvenile drug court coordinators, attorneys, probation officers, case managers, and substance abuse treatment counselors are all encouraged to attend.

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