Stalking - Part II: Technological Misuse in Intimate Partner Violence Cases

August 11, 2017

Judge Elizabeth J. Berns, King County Superior Court
Elaina Roberts, JD., Stalking Resource Center
Ian Harris,  JD,  MA, NNEDV

The vast majority of people interact with technology on a daily basis. While technology can present ways for offenders to track, surveille, and monitor victims, technology itself is not the problem. As technology advances, so will a stalker’s ability to utilize it to commit crimes. Therefore, those who hear intimate partner violence and stalking cases need to be familiar with the various ways that technology can be misused against victims.

Part II of this webinar series will explore ways in which offenders misuse technology, including smart phones, computers, cameras, global positioning systems (GPS), and many online spaces to harass, abuse, and stalk. We will explore evidentiary concerns including authentication and potentially fake evidence. As gate keepers of the evidence, it is critical that judges understand what technology exists, how technology can be used against victims, and considerations for admitting the evidence. At the end of this webinar participants will have a better understanding of how common technology can easily be misused by offenders as well as the evidentiary considerations the technology presents.

As a result of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • List at least 3 common technologies that are misused against victims
  • Name considerations around admittance of the technology evidence

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