Developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Your School-Justice Partnership

February 6, 2017
memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a critical document in establishing coordinated efforts in a school-justice partnership. An MOU is a multilateral agreement among multiple parties intended to express a common vision and line of action. MOUs in school-justicepartnerships represent a collective commitment among schools, courts, and other relevant agencies, to adhere to specific principles and share responsibilities for the collaborative’s engagements. When developing a comprehensive MOU, stakeholders must specifically define the roles and responsibilities of each involved party, as well as clearly identify the areas of shared responsibility. All MOUs should be developed with the understanding that it is a living document and will be subjected to regular revisions as changes in goals and dynamics will require adaptability to sustain an effective collaborative.
Join the NCJFCJ and Judge Steven Teske, as we walk through the steps to develop an MOU. This is a unique opportunity that will provide the tools and resources necessary to create an MOU for local jurisdictions. Participants are encouraged to view the webinar with their school-justice partnership team members in an effort to build an MOU in real-time.
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