Organizational Membership

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Assist Education

Membership Benefits Include:

  • One NCJFCJ member vote on business and matters presented for approval of the NCJFCJ membership and one appointment to serve on NCJFCJ committees
  • Discounts on select NCJFCJ conferences and continuing education opportunities with national expert faculty who address emerging issues in the field
  • One subscription to the NCJFCJ quarterly, peer-reviewed Juvenile and Family Court Journal
  • Subscription to the nationally-distributed NCJFCJ membership e-magazine – IN SESSION, and opportunities to publish papers and articles as well as news and accomplishments of your organization on the NCJFCJ website and in the e-magazine
  • Whenever possible, exclusive access to and networking opportunities with NCJFCJ’s members, juvenile and family court judges and juvenile and family law professionals and organizations from across the nation
  • Posting of your organization’s job and volunteer opportunities on NCJFCJ’s website
  • Regular electronic communication regarding NCJFCJ’s cutting-edge publications, educational programs, and research
  • Discounts on NCJFCJ publications and access to information and resources of the NCJFCJ including the National Center for Juvenile Justice, NCJFCJ's research division
  • Discounts on select conference advertising opportunities
  • Access to NCJFCJ’s official logo and permission to use the logo on your website and promotional materials recognizing membership

For further information, questions, and to purchase an Organizational Membership, please contact Marianna Kacyra at (775) 507-4844 or