Child Abuse and Neglect Institute (CANI)

The Child Abuse and Neglect Institute was created in 1996 to provide training in dependency court best practices for judicial officers. This week-long program brings together national and local faculty to teach on core topics including hearing practice, child development, substance abuse, and cutting-edge court improvement developments, among other topics. Offered as a highly interactive in-residence training program, the CANI is aimed at judges who have been newly assigned to child abuse and neglect/dependency cases, or judges who have been presiding over these cases for some time and who want the latest information about best practice in this area. The CANI affords judges an opportunity to share their bench experiences and practice skills, as well as develop long-lasting collegial relationships, which support information-sharing well after participants have graduated from the CANI. The CANI is held annually in Reno, NV in June, and in one other location in the country as a regional CANI. We are also working with states/regions that want to develop their own CANI. We'd love to talk to you if this is something you'd like to explore. Please note that the agenda can change from year to year, based on schedule , availability, and other factors. 

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