Family Violence and Domestic Relations

Family Violence and Domestic Relations

The NCJFCJ has advanced social change in courts and communities across the country by providing cutting-edge training, technical assistance, and policy development on issues related to the effects of abuse across a lifespan. The NCJFCJ's projects have enhanced the safety, well-being, and stability of domestic violence victims and their children by improving the response of criminal, civil, and social justice systems. 

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Tailored Training Assistance

Often, professionals seek our help putting together their individual presentations or designing multi-disciplinary educational workshops. The NCJFCJ has provided assistance to judges and others with their individual presentations on protection orders, elder abuse, child custody, and a host of other issues related to domestic violence. The NCJFCJ tailors materials and presentations to specific state, tribal, or local jurisdictions.

Research & Individualized Consultation

In addition to educational programming, staff (policy analysts, attorneys, resource specialists) can conduct research on cases, statutes, and social science, model court processes, as well as provide individualized consultation on content and troubleshoot situations. The NCJFCJ also maintains a lending library of books, videos, curricula, bench tools, policy manuals, and other publications for its constituents.

Judicial Education & Resources

The NCJFCJ educates judges in domestic violence along a variety of axes – child custody decision-making, protection orders, criminal sanctions and pleas, immigration, child abuse and neglect. We do this through the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence, which offers three multi-day educational programs: the Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases (EJS) Workshop, the Continuing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases (CJS) Program, and the Enhancing Judicial Skills in Elder Abuse Cases Workshop. In addition to EJS and CJS programs, the NCJFCJ designs and secures faculty for the family violence tracks (series of workshops) of NCJFCJ’s Annual and Juvenile & Family Law conferences. For publications and bench tools, please visit the Resource Library.


The Overlap of Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatment, and Juvenile Delinquency

The NCJFCJ’s Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody (Resource Center) provides training and technical assistance to professionals seeking to improve outcomes on child protection cases that involve domestic violence, while engaging in policy reform in those areas. The NCJFCJ provided technical assistance related to the Greenbook Initiative, a federally funded project that saw child welfare workers, domestic violence advocates, and family court judges change their approach to domestic violence to better help battered women and their children achieve safety.

Custody, Parenting Time, & Supervised Visitation and Exchange

The Resource Center also provides support and consultation around custody and parenting time decision-making and safe options for victims of domestic violence and their children. The NCJFCJ provides technical assistance to Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Program grantees and supports grantees in their efforts to increase the number of centers available, to enhance the quality of services, and to increase their ability to assist victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. The NCJFCJ hosts the Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Interactive Website.

Protection Orders, Full Faith and Credit, and Firearms

The NCJFCJ provides focused training, technical assistance, and product development designed to advance the ability of courts, judges, and other professionals to respond to full faith and credit, firearms, and protection order issues; and enhance victim safety and offender accountability through effective protection order practice.

Adolescent Partner Violence and Elder Abuse

The NCJFCJ can assess the training needs of judges and other system stakeholders around identifying the legal, cultural, social service, and victim support issues affecting outcomes for adolescent victims of intimate partner violence. We also provide research, resources, and education around abuse and the elderly.

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