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The Link Between Animal Abuse and Elder Abuse, Part 2

Webcasts / Webinar / The Link Between Animal Abuse and Elder Abuse, Part 2

Webinar Faculty:

  • The Honorable Rosa Figarola, Children’s Courthouse and Juvenile Justice Center, Miami, FL
  • Diane Balkin, JD, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Juvenile and family court judges are called on to address and prevent harm by family members against one another. Along with human family members (children, adult partners, seniors), pets are also household members that are at risk of being harmed when interpersonal violence occurs in a family. While research clearly establishes that animal abuse and human abuse are connected, judges may not be aware of the connections or know how to address pet well-being in their decisions in family law cases.

Judges, attorneys, domestic violence community advocates, and mental health professionals with experience with these cases are featured speakers in the webinars. While primarily oriented to judicial officers, the webinar series is open to all interested stakeholders.