NCJFCJ headquarters is located in downtown Reno, NV. The NCJFCJ's research center, the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ), is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
(775) 507-4777

Joey Orduna Hastings, Chief Executive Officer
Cheryl Dailey, CPA, CMA, CFE, CGMA, Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Davidek, Chief Administrative Officer

Maureen Sheeran, Chief Program Officer, Family Violence and Domestic Relations

Jared Andrus, MBA, Accounting Specialist
Jennifer Arsenian, JD, Senior Program Manager
Salvador Bernal, Web/Database Developer
Martha-Elin Blomquist, Ph.D., Site Manager
Theresa Bohannan, MPH, Senior Policy Analyst
Zadora Bolin, JD, Site Manager
Eryn Jane Branch, MA, Program Director, Cross-System Collaboration
Eloisa Chaparro, Program Specialist
Jessica Cisernos, Site Manager
Amber Clark, Administrative Assistant
Christina Cullen, Senior Administrative Assistant
Bernie Depoali, Accounting Assistant
Jennifer Donovan, Senior Planning Specialist
Leland Ede, Web/Database Developer
Irina Egorova, Administrative Assistant
Cheri Ely, MA, LSW, Program Director, Juvenile Justice
Shamini Ganasarajah, Research Associate
Irene Gibson, Administrative Assistant 
Carlene Gonzalez, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst
Patricia Gotera, Administrative Assistant
Sarah Grabowska, Government Relations and Membership Associate
Melissa Gueller, MS, Program Director, Child Abuse and Neglect
Nancy Hart, JD, Senior Program Attorney
Marta Holbrook, MA, Financial Grants Manager
Hon. Karen Howze (Ret.), Judge-in-Residence
Heather Hull, Senior Administrative Assistant
Kristi Jones, Accounting Specialist
Marianna Kacyra, Travel Coordinator
Amanda Kay, JD, Program Attorney
Noko Knuf, Grants Analyst
Adrea Korthase, Site Manager
Victor Leyba, Media and Public Relations Specialist
Ewa Lonska-Diaz, Planning Specialist
Alicia Lord, Administrative Assistant
Melissa Mangiaracina, JD, Program Attorney
Roman Maynov, Grants Analyst
Chrissy Menicucci, Director of Development
Jessica Pearce, Site Manager
Amy Pincolini-Ford, JD, Program Director, Family Violence and Domestic Relations
Danielle Pugh-Markie, Program Director, Program Development and Judicial Engagement
Sarah Ray, Site Manager
Michele Robinson, Senior Program Manager
Jodi Rummel, Accounting Manager
Amy Saathoff, Curriculum Development Manager
Wendy Schiller, Site Manager
Chris Seibert, Grants Analyst 
Gene Siegel, Research Associate
Rachel Silver, Human Resources Assistant
Brianne Smith, Program Manager
Sarah Smith, JD, Senior Program Attorney
Elizabeth Stoffel, JD, Senior Program Manager
Victoria Sweet, JD, Senior Program Attorney
Rebekah Tucci, JD, Program Manager
Priya Venugopal, Database Specialist
Margo Weaver, Senior Administrative Assistant
Yolanda Webb, Senior Planning Specialist
Ann Wilkinson, Director, Human Resources
David Wohler, Senior Administrative Services Manager

National Center for Juvenile Justice
(412) 227-6950

Melissa Sickmund, Ph.D., Director

Kristy Bach, Program Services Manager 
Gregory Chamberlin, Computer Programmer 
Teri Deal, M.Ed., Senior Research Associate
Samantha Ehrmann, Research Assistant
Sarah Hockenberry, MS, Research Associate 
E. Hunter Hurst IV, MS, Senior Research Associate
Wei Kang, MS, Web/Database Developer
Lora Leddy Skulicz, Senior Administrative Assistant
Charles Puzzanchera, MA, Senior Research Associate
T.J. Sladky, Senior Computer Programmer
Jason Smith, Computer Programmer 
Moriah Taylor, Research Assistant
Nancy Tierney, Program Manager
Andrew Wachter, MS, Research Associate
Angel Zang, MBA, MSW, Policy Analyst