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In 2023, the NCJFCJ’s work impacted approximately 4 million families, across the nation. The team fulfilled nearly 550 requests for technical assistance and trained approximately 7,500 judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family-court related professionals, across the nation.

Requests for technical assistance in 2023
Judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals trained in 2023

NCJFCJ in the State of Delaware

Work and Impact


Requests for technical assistance in 2023.


Trained judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals working to protect Delaware’s children, families, and survivors in our communities in 2023.


Judicial and Associate Members in Delaware.

As part of the Implementation Sites Project, the NCJFCJ provides targeted training and technical assistance to the New Castle County Family Court in Wilmington, under the leadership of Judge Michael Newell. The project is designed to improve practice in the handling of child abuse and neglect cases, reduce the number of children in foster care, and improve outcomes for children in care.

The NCJFCJ is working with Judge Michael Newell to plan a pilot of the Domestic Violence Analysis, Warnings, Action, Recovery, and Engagement (DV AWARE) Project training in 2023, which will include multidisciplinary court-based stakeholders that are committed to preventing and mitigating the threats posed to court staff by domestic violence offenders.

The NCJFCJ’s Civil Protection Order Project provided technical assistance to a court in Delaware regarding the entry of civil protection orders and firearms prohibitions into state and national databases.

A multidisciplinary training team piloted the DV AWARE curriculum in Dover. Faculty members included a retired judge, a court security expert, a court manager, and a national expert in domestic violence risk assessment. The curriculum focuses on preventing and mitigating courthouse violence and security risks posed by perpetrators.

Justice system professionals from Delaware attended the 2023 All Technical Assistance Provider Training and Technical Assistance for a Changing World meeting. Participants heard presentations on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and training and technical assistance for sexual assault service providers.

A judicial system professional from Delaware attended the NCJFCJ’s Judicial Engagement Network (JEN) Leadership in Practice Summit. The Summit focused on highlighting strategies currently implemented by jurisdictions to promote, implement, and sustain positive systemic changes that improve court and community responses to intimate partner violence in civil and criminal settings.

The landscape of juvenile justice in Delaware is detailed through the Juvenile Justice Geography Policy Practice and Statistics website (, a project of the NCJFCJ’s research division, the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ).

Chief Judge Michael K. Newell of Wilmington is a Board Director of the NCJFCJ.

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