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In 2023, the NCJFCJ’s work impacted approximately 4 million families, across the nation. The team fulfilled nearly 550 requests for technical assistance and trained approximately 7,500 judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family-court related professionals, across the nation.

Requests for technical assistance in 2023
Judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals trained in 2023

NCJFCJ in the State of Utah

Work and Impact


Requests for technical assistance in 2023.


Trained judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals working to protect Utah’s children, families, and survivors in our communities in 2023.


Judicial and Associate Members in Utah.

The Salt Lake City NCJFCJ Mentor Child Abuse and Neglect Model Court is recognized for its efforts to improve outcomes for abused and neglected children, juvenile offenders, and their families.

A judicial system professional from Utah participated in the Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias in Juvenile Court workshop, which explored stereotypes, implicit bias, microaggressions, and intersectionality.

A judicial system professional from Utah participated in the Military Connected Families and Domestic Violence webinar as part of the monthly Break from the Bench: What a Judge Needs to Know Lunch & Learn Series. This series is designed to provide judicial officers an opportunity to obtain an overview of essential topics and awareness of resources and technical assistance available for more in-depth information on domestic violence addressing specific communities, issues, and responses.

Judges and justice system professionals from Utah received specialized child welfare, domestic violence, and juvenile justice training on current and cutting-edge topics and research during the NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference and National Conference on Juvenile Justice.

Judicial system professionals from Utah participated in the TA2TA: The TA Provider’s Resource Center Project’s series of office-wide orientations for Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) grantees. Topics included domestic violence resources for increasing safety and connection, domestic violence and firearms, and stalking prevention and awareness.

The state of Utah contributes juvenile court data to the National Juvenile Court Data Archive, funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). This national project of the NCJFCJ provides detailed and accurate information on the activities of the nation’s juvenile courts to juvenile justice professionals, policy makers, researchers, and the public.

The landscape of juvenile justice in Utah is detailed through the Juvenile Justice Geography Policy Practice and Statistics website (, a project of the NCJFCJ’s research division, the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ). JJGPS is an online resource that tracks juvenile justice reform in each state, allowing for comparisons within and across states.

Judge Angela F. Fonnesbeck of Logan is an NCJFCJ Board Director.

Judge Sharon P. McCully (Ret.) of Salt Lake City is an NCJFCJ Past President.

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