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Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) Webinar

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This webinar is designed to provide judges, attorneys, and court professionals a better understanding of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), what it is, use of terms, and considerations when managing cases where AUD is present. This webinar explores the facts around AUD and how it factors into developing an optimal parenting plan where the child is safe and healthy. This presentation will start with an overview of AUD and alcohol addiction myths. The webinar will highlight questions to be considered by a judicial officer and the different risk factors associated with AUD. The webinar will also stress the importance of judges doing the right thing in cases involving AUD even when it is difficult to determine. Lastly, documentation of sobriety for child safety using alcohol monitoring will be discussed with attendees. Ultimately, the desired outcome of this webinar and the accompanying bench card is to begin to inform judges and system professionals about AUD so they may support safe and healthy family connections, engagement, and stability.


Judge Karen S. Adam (Ret.)Stephanie Tabashneck, Psy.D., J.D.Chris Beck, VP of Business Development


Click here to access the AUD Bench Card:

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