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NCJFCJ Webinar - The Use of Minimum Probation Conditions

Webcasts / NCJFCJ Webinar - The Use of Minimum Probation Conditions

One June 16, 2022, the National Council of Juvenile and Family court Judges (NCJFCJ) held a webinar with Judge Susan Ashley, Deputy Administrative Judge for New Hampshire Circuit Court, and Chief Probation Officer Tim Wires, with Stark County Ohio Probation. Sharing their experiences in helping staff in their respective jurisdictions with the process of changing philosophy, organizational culture, and practice in order to shift probation supervision and the use of probation conditions away from being compliance and surveillance oriented to supporting both positive youth development and community safety. Participants learned about how these leaders are using some of the steps, strategies, and tools included in the Toolkit to implement change.    

The NCJFCJ publication, The Role of the Judge in Transforming Juvenile Probation: A Toolkit for Leadership sets forth using minimum conditions as an important practice change to transform probation so that is more effective and appropriate with young people. Judge Susan Ashley and Officer Tim Wires, along with other speakers within this webinar series, will be sourcing and utilizing this new publication or toolkit throughout their discussion.