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A Conversation at the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment

A fireside chat with NCJFCJ’s Judge Karen Howze (Ret.) and Rebekah Tucci, JD on the intersection of domestic violence and child maltreatment.

Court Responses to Domestic Violence Cases During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Panel Discussion

This discussion will focus on how four court systems are developing responses to domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include remote responses, building community collaborations, and promoting access. Presenters: Hon. Berryl Anderson,…

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Firearms Restrictions in Domestic Violence Cases

Firearms Technical Assistance Project Panel Discussion Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Firearms Restrictions in Domestic Violence Cases Panel with: Sheriff Craig Webre, Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA Lt. Valerie Martinez-Jordan, Director of Police Social Services, Lafourche…

Safe and Together Institute: A Perpetrator Pattern Based Approach

This webinar will discuss how Effective Intervention has shaped the environment related to perpetrator accountability in child welfare, how a paradigm shift in work with fathers can advance domestic violence-informed practice, and how a perpetrator pattern-based approach,…

How Effective Intervention Changed One Community's Response to Domestic Violence

This webinar will explore the background, purpose and results of the Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice initiative and how Santa Clara County, California, sought to implement the initiative’s…

Effective Intervention for Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

This webinar will provide an introduction to and background on the Effective Intervention Initiative. It will discuss the special edition of the Juvenile and Family Court Journal and the webinar series focused on the 20-year anniversary of the Initiative…

Four Lessons to Facilitate Transforming the Culture in Courts and Communities

Presented by Dr. Jay Otto, Center for Health and Safety Culture, Montana State University for the NCJFCJ’s Firearms Technical Assistance Project (FTAP)

Moving Beyond the "Honor System": Effective Strategies to Prevent Prohibited Abusers' Access to Firearms

During this webinar, participants will learn about: The factors that render firearm surrender requirements an ”honor system” with no real accountability Practice tips and strategies to move from an “honor system” to a “Culture of…

Getting Child Support When You're Afraid of the Other Parent

This webinar will give examples of how local domestic violence programs can work with local child support agencies to tailor the information on the card to local processes and resources and build a coordinated approach…

NCJFCJ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Video

Parenting Plans: What Advocates Should Know

This webinar is a continuation of our self-represented litigants’ webinar series and is geared towards an audience of domestic violence advocates working with self-represented litigants. The webinar will parallel the new self-represented litigants’ publication that…

Teen Dating Violence: Cyber Abuse, Social Media, and the Courts

With more teens than ever using social media to connect with their friends, it is important that courts and court staff stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques used to abuse. Moreover, with nearly…