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Case Law Update
Civil Protection Order: Case Law Update for 2019

This document contains summaries of published state court decisions of interest related to civil protection orders, their issuance, and their enforcement for the year 2019. While most of these summaries are brief, containing only the…

Technical Assistance Bulletin
Civil Protection Order Process: Considerations for Safe and Effec…

The public health emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged courts and communities in unprecedented ways. Of particular concern are the sometimes insurmountable obstacles that many victims of domestic violence and their children encounter…

Resources for Petitioners: Service of Process in Another State

This Technical Assistance Brief provides a summary of resources available regarding the out-of-state service of civil protection orders, petitions, and related court notices and documents.

Technical Assistance Bulletin
Child-Related Relief in Protection Orders

┬áThis chart summarizes state statutes that permit a protection order to include an order regarding custody or parenting time, for child support, or for other child-related relief. For child support, only provisions authorizing payments directly…

Annual Report
Reflection & Redefinition: Annual Report 2019

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges’ (NCJFCJ) 2019 Annual Report, Reflection & Redefinition, looks back at the extraordinary achievements of the NCJFCJ in 2019. The members of the NCJFCJ are the driving…

Spotlight on Promising Practices Around Civil Protection Orders: …

Civil Protection Orders can be a powerful remedy for victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking. However, when orders are not enforced, they can seem like nothing more than a piece of paper. Ensuring…