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Criminological Highlights: Children and Youth, Volume 2 Issue 4

Resources / Report / Criminological Highlights: Children and Youth, Volume 2 Issue 4

Criminological Highlights is designed to provide an accessible look at some of the more interesting criminological research that is currently being published.

  1. Does formal court processing of young offenders reduce recidivism?
  2. What factors influence members of the New York Muslim community to cooperate with the police in combating terrorism?
  3. Are young sex offenders likely to repeat their offenses?
  4. Does allowing young people to spend a lot of unsupervised time with other youths encourage offending?
  5. Do police ‘stop, question, and frisk’ activities reduce crime?
  6. Do Black and White Americans see crime in the same way?

These summaries of high quality, policy related, published research are produced by the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto. The Children and Youth edition constitutes a selection of these summaries (from the full edition) chosen by researchers at the National Center for Juvenile Justice and the University of Toronto. It is designed for those people especially interested in matters related to children and youth. Each issue of the Children and Youth edition contains “Headlines and Conclusions” for each of 6 articles, followed by one-page summaries of each article.

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