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Criminological Highlights: Children and Youth, Volume 3 Issue 4

Resources / Report / Criminological Highlights: Children and Youth, Volume 3 Issue 4

Criminological Highlights is designed to provide an accessible look at some of the more interesting criminological research that is currently being published.

  1. Can we assume correctional programs that sound as if they should be effective will do no harm?
  2. How do risk assessments affect the pretrial release process?
  3. Did the softening of drug laws in Portugal change dramatically drug use in that country?
  4. Why does the poor treatment of ordinary citizens by the police lead to more offending?
  5. How does the criminal justice system create homelessness in 5-year-old children?
  6. What happens when youths think that their friends are offending more than they actually are?

These summaries of high quality, policy-related, published research are produced by the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto. The Children and Youth edition constitutes a selection of these summaries (from the full edition) chosen by researchers at the National Center for Juvenile Justice and the University of Toronto. It is designed for those people especially interested in matters related to children and youth. Each issue of the Children and Youth edition contains “Headlines and Conclusions” for each of 6 articles, followed by one-page summaries of each article.

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