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Delinquency Cases Involving Hispanic Youth, 2013

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OJJDP has released Delinquency Cases Involving Hispanic Youth, 2013. While the Hispanic youth population in the United States continues to grow, little is known about the volume and nature of delinquency cases involving Hispanic youth. This bulletin helps address this critical information need. The bulletin is based on sample data reported to the National Juvenile Court Data Archive from more than 1,200 counties with jurisdiction over 75% of the U.S. Hispanic youth population at risk of juvenile court involvement. Findings from the bulletin show that, for this sample, delinquency cases involving Hispanic youth accounted for 26% of all cases processed. Property and public order offense cases each accounted for about one-third of the Hispanic delinquency caseload in 2013. Females accounted for 24% of the Hispanic caseload, and youth under age 16 accounted for 50%. Compared with white youth, Hispanic youth were 20 percent more likely to be referred to juvenile court and equally as likely to have their case handled formally. Once adjudicated, Hispanic youth were as likely as white youth to be placed on probation but 30 percent more likely to be ordered to out-of-home placement.

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