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Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice

Resources / Report / Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Probation Practice

A widely influential desk reference and training resource, the Desktop Guide was originally issued more than a decade ago. Distributed to juvenile probation departments in virtually every county in America, it has served the field well as a comprehensive treatment of theory and practice of juvenile probation, a handy collection of standards and best practice information, and a text and starting point for a widely used fundamental skills training curriculum. But much has changed in the juvenile justice field since 1991. Recognizing that contemporary challenges to traditional probation called for a fundamental reexamination of juvenile probation’s purposes, the new Desktop Guide presents the vision of accomplished juvenile probation administrators, supervisors and officers, victim advocates and researchers. Good juvenile probation practice should be driven by its mission, based on its performance, and focused on outcomes. Over 60 illustrations, tables and sidebars. Note: See Chapter 10, Section H of this Guide for information on aftercare.

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