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State Juvenile Justice Profiles, 2005

Resources / Report / State Juvenile Justice Profiles, 2005

***NOTICE: updated information for much of the contents of this document are available at *** This publication is an archived version of the National Center for Juvenile Justice’s State Juvenile Justice Profiles website. The State Juvenile Justice Profiles, 2005 offers an array of information about each of the 51 state juvenile justice system’s, including state laws, policies, and practices, with contact information for individuals and agencies in the state. The main component or “profiles” for each state describes the current structure and substance of delinquency services, juvenile delinquency laws and resources. The “national overviews” place the individual state profiles into context by summarizing information across states. At its peak in 2005, the website logged over 100,000 user sessions per month and was a tool for practitioners across the country. The site was archived at the conclusion of the project. However, in July 2012, the state profiles and national overviews contained have been converted into this PDF publication. [Portions of this abstract were taken from NCJJ’s publication ‘Guide to the State Juvenile Justice Profiles’].

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