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In 2021, the NCJFCJ fulfilled more than 529 requests for technical assistance and trained more than 5,749 judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals across the nation.

Requests for technical assistance in 2021
Judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals trained in 2021

NCJFCJ in the State of Nevada

Work and Impact


Requests for technical assistance in 2021


Trained judges, judicial officers, attorneys, and other juvenile and family court-related professionals working to protect Nevada’s children, families, and victims in our communities in 2021


Judicial and Associate Members in Nevada

The NCJFCJ will hold its 85th Annual Conference in Reno on July 17-20, 2022.

In partnership with the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice, the NCJFCJ conducted a juvenile probation data capacity assessment for Clark County and is providing technical assistance to improve data use and dissemination.

The NCJFCJ is funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) to provide targeted support to the Elko County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Team, which is implementing the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines and other key recommended practices. The NCJFCJ provides targeted support through court assessments; onsite court observation; strategic planning activities; peer-to-peer learning; and individualized training.

Working with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Children Youth and Family Services, the NCJFCJ has developed the Nevada Center for Juvenile Justice Innovation, an evidence-based program resource center to support the adoption of best practices in Nevada’s juvenile justice system.

The Washoe County NCJFCJ Mentor Child Abuse and Neglect Model Court and the Clark County Mentor Child Abuse and Neglect Model Court are recognized for their efforts to improve outcomes for abused and neglected children, juvenile offenders, and their families.

The Family Division of the Second Judicial District Court (SJDC) of Washoe County is an NCJFCJ Project ONE site (One family-one judge, No wrong door, Equal and coordinated access to justice). The NCJFCJ facilitated a strategic data planning process to help the SJDC and its Project ONE partners improve their internal Project ONE data capabilities. The NCJFCJ research team completed the strategic data planning process, and the court and its partners are creating a Project ONE data dashboard that will enhance the court's abilities to track core program data and performance measures

The NCJFCJ has 83 Judicial and Associate Members in Nevada. Assist Education/Advantages School International, headquartered in Reno, is an Organizational Member of the NCJFCJ.

Judge Egan Walker of Reno, Paul Georgeson, Vice President and Senior Counsel of Caesars Entertainment, Inc. in Reno, and Jeanne Karadanis of Reno are Board Directors of the NCJFCJ. Melissa “Missy” Young, Chief Information Officer at Switch in Las Vegas, and Ann Wilkinson of Reno serve on the NCJFCJ’s Amicus Council. Joseph Asher of Las Vegas, is a Board Director and a 2021 Days on the Hill Delegate for the NCJFCJ. Justice Nancy Saitta (Ret.) of Carson City is a 2021 Days on the Hill Delegate. Joseph Asher, Sandy Gamba, Paul Georgeson, Jeanne Karadanis, and Melissa “Missy” Young are Sustaining Members of the NCJFCJ.

Nevada judicial system professionals participated in the Considerations for Reopening Juvenile and Family Courts: Operational Procedures webinar. The training explored considerations for the physical and environmental safety of juvenile and family courts as they return to in-person operations.

Nevada judicial system professionals received training on the unique role of supervised visitation and safe exchange in the family court system.

A Nevada judge received training on trafficking risk factors, victim identification, effective intervention strategies, and cultural considerations by participating in the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Child Sex Trafficking.

Judicial system professionals from Nevada participated in the 5 Ways Different Court Stakeholders Can Use Public Health Data and Resources to Address Substance Use Disorders webinar series. Judges, juvenile probation administrators, attorneys, and social service administrators learned how to use public health data to better address substance use disorders in their communities.

Nevada judicial system professionals participated in the NCJFCJ's Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth Virtual Information Expo, a national educational summit. They received information on innovations and best practices on trauma-informed preventions and interventions and on reaching and effectively serving children and youth who have experienced trauma and victimization.

Nevada judicial system professionals received training on opioids and the challenges associated with intervention, treatment, and prevention.

A Nevada judicial professional received training on teen dating violence, social media, and the misuse of technology.

The NCJFCJ facilitated a court training with the 2nd Judicial District Court in Reno on domestic violence litigant behavior and challenges in responding to domestic violence.

Judges and justice system professionals from Nevada received specialized child welfare, domestic violence, and juvenile justice training on current and cutting-edge topics and research during the NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference and National Conference on Juvenile Justice.

The landscape of juvenile justice in Nevada is detailed through the Juvenile Justice Geography Policy Practice and Statistics website (, a project of the NCJFCJ’s research division, the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ). JJGPS is an online resource that tracks juvenile justice reform in each state, allowing for comparisons within and across states.

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