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Parenting Plans: What Advocates Should Know

Webcasts / Webinar / Parenting Plans: What Advocates Should Know

This webinar is a continuation of our self-represented litigants’ webinar series and is geared towards an audience of domestic violence advocates working with self-represented litigants. The webinar will parallel the new self-represented litigants’ publication that will come out later this year. Like the publication, the webinar will discuss what parenting plans are, how they are created and modified, and what terms they entail. Because the audience is domestic violence advocates, the webinar will flag common terms in parenting plans that can increase the danger for survivors and children and will offer alternative provisions that better account for safety. Although the target audience for the webinar is survivors, it will be presented in a way that will also benefit self-represented litigants, attorneys, mediators and any other professionals helping prepare parenting plans for cases involving domestic violence.